About Raw And Roxy

Hey there!!


So you want to know about Raw and Roxy?!?! Well you've come to the right place... We are a restaurant specialising in RAW VEGAN FOOD. YES that's right all our food is RAW!! And VEGAN… What's that? Good question... It means that all our food contains no animal products, dairy products or seafood.


Does it taste good?!?! Ask anyone around and they'll tell you that Raw and Roxy creates the most majestic, delicious dishes, smoothies, treats and drinks around!!


And... It is all incredible healthy for you!!


Wondering what our shopping list is? Superfoods like chaga, maca, spirulina. Coconut oil. Nuts. And all kinds of wonderful fruit and vegetables.


Interested?? Come down to 300 Albert Road Woodstock meet the founder Beatrice who will enlighten you with her wonderful array of knowledge on raw food and health and give your body a treat of PLANT POWER!!


We also supply detox boxes, and do catering for large events.


Visited already and wanting to learn how to make raw food? Join us on a Monday or Thursday evening for a raw food un-cooking class!!!  

We cater for large events, supply custom made DETOX BOXES for clients embarking on detox cleanse and run RAW FOOD COOKING CLASSES!!

Marilie Vermeulen

"Just had my first cooking class. Blew my mind ! Love it!"

After being diagnosed with arthritis, depression, low energy, poor eyesight and menopauce Beatrice Holst the founder of Raw and Roxy café turned her life and health around through raw veganism.

These conditions are considered a normal part of aging, and can be slowed by taking hormone drugs. But after researching the side effects, taking them was not an option for her...


Inspired by Mimi Kirk, a raw food activist who at 80 years old is still incredibly full of life and spends her days adventuring the globe and informing people on the benefits of a raw food diet, Beatrice started alkalizing her body and finding ways to eat healthier that weren’t boring.

Now 15 years later Beatrice has boundless energy, her eyesight returned to normal, and the aches and pains have disappeared.


Beatrice is passionate about raw food and creating incredible meals with high nutrient content.


Her creativity and innovation that has led her from the prestigious IHTTI School of Hotel Management in Switzerland to Los Angeles where she worked with movies stars, models, and the high fasion brand Chanel.


She has invaluable knowledge that she will gladly share with you over a glass of refreshing green juice, or a comforting rocket fuel.

From the Press

The Lonley Planet 

"Beatrice Holst had seduced meat-loving Capetonians with her delicious raw and vegan repasts and drinks, including super vitamin-charged juices, a raw lasagne that has foodies reaching for superlatives, and a silky smooth and super-rich avocado chocolate ganache cake."


"Vegan travelers are the most neglected class of sub-human species. We are mocked and taunted. We crave a great meal. Raw and Roxy is for us. Loved it. Also loved the owner: a ball of fire. Next time I'm in Cape Town, I'll be eating here."

Popcorn Candi

"Also, kale chips are a thing. They’re incredibly high in protein, carb and fat free and yum."